Thanks to its stable, predictable and attractive environment for large-scale digital infrastructures, the Czech Republic ranks among the European Union countries that are excellent locations for digital business. The country offers a sufficient electricity grid infrastructure, fibre-optic network connected to major European peering nodes and a stable economy with a supportive regulatory environment.

As one of Europe’s top locations for ICT investments, repeatedly recognised by various researchers, the country’s attractiveness is confirmed by the strong inflow of high-value-added projects of the world’s top ICT companies and is fuelled by the country’s tradition of excellence in technical fields.

The Czech Republic is a prime location in Central Europe and, thanks to its strategic position, it is a preferred choice for regional headquarters, distribution centres and shared-services centres. This is all thanks to the country’s regulatory environment, which is in accordance with EU standards, its open and transparent open data policy and well-developed infrastructure based on its long industrial tradition.

Data Centres in the Czech Republic

Reasons to Invest in the Czech Republic:

  • Competitive and predictable electricity prices
  • Stable and well-developed electricity grid infrastructure
  • Surplus power generation
  • Well-developed fibre-optic network
  • Regulatory environment in accordance with EU standards
  • Financial support available for data centre projects
  • Proven engineering and ICT skills
  • Creative and experienced professionals at lower costs
  • Open and transparent open data policy
  • Stable and secure environment in Central Europe


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Data Centres in the Czech Republic

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