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The Czech company market offers a great opportunity to expand a footprint in a competitive location with favourable cost structure and skilled labour force. After a boom in the manufacturing and IT sector over the last several years, many Czech owners are considering their factory growth in cooperation with a strong foreign partner or selling the equity and retiring.  

To support current market trends, CzechInvest launched the CzechLink project to facilitate the qualified investor search and enable the pre-audit project stage. Czech companies actively searching for investors have been provided with assistance in order to prepare information in an internationally understood configuration. The final information is summarized in the company prospect in the structure below:

  • CzechLinkCompany Story (milestones, highlights)
  • Ownership Structure and Legal Form (current owners and legal framework)
  • Commercial Profile (customers and customer evaluation)
  • Quality Management (received certificates and their validity)
  • Technology Profile (equipment and premises)
  • Purchasing Profile (suppliers)
  • Personal Profile (headcount structure and trends)
  • Competition (main local competitors)
  • Financial Profile (cost and revenue structure, asset and liabilities structure)
  • Financial Ratios (liquidity, rentability, capital structure)

Investor information is prepared in English. Financial data is compliant to the local corporate income tax methodology and internationally transparent indicators. Company profiles are available to potential investors (manufacturing companies, private equity funds, mandated consultants, etc.) after signing the non-disclosure agreement. 

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