Czech Clusters

Active support of cluster initiatives has existed in the Czech Republic for several years already. The aim of this support is to use cooperative groupings as tools for the creation of innovations and improvement of the Czech economy’s competitiveness.

In 2004-2006, the Operational Programme Industry and Enterprise Clusters Programme was in operation with the aim of supporting the establishment and development of communication and cooperation between the business and science-and-research spheres. The programme offered support to cluster initiatives in two phases. In the first phase, support was provided for seeking out firms for participation in clusters. The second phase consisted in the actual establishment and further development of clusters.

The unequivocal success of all supported activities is demonstrated by the fact that in the Czech Republic so far 25 new legal entities have been established – clusters, and a range of other projects are passing through the mapping phase. An overview of existing cluster initiatives in the Czech Republic is illustrated in the map below.

Map of clusters in the Czech Republic

In the Structural Fund programming period 2007-2013, the similar Cooperation Programme will build on the Clusters Programme. This time, however, support is expanded to more activities from the regional to the international level. Clusters, poles of excellence and technology platforms will be supported, both in the phase of seeking out firms for inclusion in groupings as well as in the establishment and development phase.

This programme is open to SMEs as well as large firms, universities, science-and-research institutes and regional administrative bodies.

The examples of successful cluster initiatives

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