High-Tech Mechanical Engineering

Sector Overview

With a production base of more than 1,100 companies, the sector supplies complete equipment and machinery (including turbines, transportation and air-conditioning equipment; agricultural, food-processing and construction machinery; and machine tools) while also engineering household goods. Well-known domestic leaders include Škoda Holding, Vítkovice Holding, Bonatrans Group, ČKD Blansko Holding, TOS Varnsdorf, Tajmac-ZPS, Třinecké železárny–Moravia Steel, První brněnská strojírna, Wikov etc.

Czech companies and research institutions specialize in the following:

  • Power engineering
  • Transport engineering
  • Machine-Tool
  • Metallurgy
  • Metal construction and components

Why To Invest

  • Strategic position in Central Europe, direct transport access to the EU market of nearly 500 million consumers
  • 300 years of academic engineering education in the Czech Republic – continuity of sharing premium-level technological know-how
  • Highly educated and skilled workforce, good access to technically educated university graduates – over 5,000 mechanical engineers graduating every year
  • High concentration of mechanical engineering companies allowing easy identification of business partners and suppliers
  • Positive approach of the Czech Government, investment support covering up to 60% of eligible costs through a transparent system of investment incentives
  • Highly developed transport infrastructure
  • The most advanced telecommunications infrastructure within the CEE region, creating conditions for establishing a regional software hub, thus supporting future material research and precision mechanical engineering
  • First–class support from CzechInvest

Labour Costs

Hourly Compensation Costs in Manufacturing, Year 2011 in USD

Czech Republic 13.13
United Kingdom 30.77
United States 35.53
Japan 35.71
France 42.12
Austria 43.16
Germany 47.38
Norway 64.15

Source: Bureau of Labour Statistics USA, 2013


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