Energy & Environment


The Czech Republic is abiding by the EU strategy for sustainable development that stands for “Smarter and Cleaner Europe”. The adopted policies are supported by both the EU and national budgets and create a broad range of opportunities for investors to design, manufacture and deliver new technologies for environmental protection and energy savings for more than 700 million consumers in the European market. Technologies for reusing industrial waste in new products, increased use of renewable energy sources and support for energy savings through the introduction of new products and technologies in smart energy distribution systems are of paramount importance. The Czech Republic offers investors in these areas both technical competence and manufacturing excellence that, combined with cost effectiveness, create favourable conditions for new investments.

General characteristic of the sector

  • Long tradition in design and manufacturing of technologies for the energy sector
  • The first prototype of the Kaplan turbine developed and produced in Brno in 1919
  • More than 10,000 students involved in energy and environment related studies every year
  • Close ties between universities, research and industry
  • Availability of skilled and experienced industry-specific staff at competitive prices
  • Established industrial R&D, manufacturing and supply chain
  • Supportive business environment and incentives for both R&D and manufacturing

Trends in the energy and environment sector

  • Cogeneration units
  • Biomass-fi red boilers
  • Heat pumps
  • Solar thermal collectors
  • Small hydropower plants
  • Smart-grids and smart-city solutions
  • Energy infrastructure
  • Waste-to-energy technology
  • Technologies for reusing waste
  • Wastewater-treatment technologies


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