Case Studies

Vyncke in the Czech Republic

Vyncke, a renowned family-owned Belgian firm, has been involved in the development of technologies for generating energy from biomass and waste for the past century. In 2012 the company built a modern generating facility in the Czech Republic, where it expanded its operations with development of new technologies. One of the main motivating factors for expanding the firm in the Czech Republic was the availability of highly qualified specialists, technicians and engineers, thanks to which the company has advanced rapidly in recent years and reached the peak of technological development in its field.



Doosan in the Czech Republic

In 2009 Škoda Power, a Czech producer of steam turbines since 1904, became part of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, a leading provider of clean, efficient, flexible and integrated solutions for energy production, which uses the latest technology and relies on cutting-edge engineering knowledge – from boilers and turbines to turnkey power-plant projects. Doosan Škoda Power combines Škoda Power’s history of excellence in steam-turbine manufacturing (from 10MW up to 1200MW), documented by installations with over 65GW total output worldwide, with the production of boilers and knowledge in the regulation of air pollution from Doosan Group. In 2013 the Doosan Škoda Power global steam-turbine R&D centre was established in the Czech Republic with the aim of supporting Doosan’s global energy equipment market share.


Doosan Corporation´s belief that ”together, little grains of sand add up to make a mighty mountain“ is fully demonstrated in its Doosan Škoda Power partnership where both partners have a record of manufacturing excellence and innovation dating back more than one hundred years and forming the basis of the company´s global R&D centre for turbine technologies based in the Czech Republic.

Jiří Šmondrk, General Director, Doosan Škoda Power


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