The Czech Republic is one of Europe’s top locations for ICT investments. Repeatedly recognised by various researchers, this fact is confirmed by the strong inflow of high-value-added projects of the world’s top ICT companies and is fuelled by the country’s tradition of excellence in technical fields. The list of successful investors in the country involves Microsoft, Skype, DHL, Tieto, Red Hat, SolarWinds and IBM.The Czech Republic is recognised for its long industrial tradition and it is absolutely no surprise that new technologies naturally grow in the established environment of recognised universities, institutions and research centres. Two of the world’s few antivirus-software providers, AVAST and AVG, grew out of this environment. Of all the countries where the Latin alphabet is used, the Czech Republic is the only one whose domestic web search provider,, is challenging Google on the local market.

Key Companies

Key Companies 2

The Czech ICT at a Glance:

  • Very good education system which serves as a basis for future skills development and produces a very capable workforce.
  • The Czech Republic has a long tradition of excellence in technical fields.
  • IT companies with Czech origins are renowned worldwide for their products and services (AVG Technologies, AVAST Software, Bohemia Interactive, Y-SOFT).
  • Major IT companies that are successful in the Czech Republic: Microsoft, Skype, Monster Technologies, SAP, DHL, Tieto, Hewlett-Packard, SolarWinds, Red Hat and IBM.
  • Creative, innovative, experienced and skilled professionals.
  • The Czech Republic is one of the very few countries in the world where Google does not have a clearly dominant position on the internet search market. Its local rival is the Czech company


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