Research & development

IT4Innovations – National Research Center for Extreme Computing

IT4Innovations is a unique project the aim of which is to build a national Centre of Excellence in the field of information technologies. The centre will enable strengthening concentration of a wide range of scientific disciplines relating to information technologies and thus achieve development in respective spheres.

Thanks to IT4Innovation has Ostrava one of the most powerful supercomputers in Central Europe. IT4Innovation Centre of Excellence is intended as a research centre that combines academic research with the research meeting needs of application sphere. The core activity of the centre will be computing within three mutually interlinked key areas of activity:

1.     IT4People (Information for People) – focusing on improving the quality of life in society through modern information technologies.

2.     SC4Industry (Supercomputing for Industry) – focusing on supercomputing in solving industry tasks, modeling in the field of natural sciences and nanotechnologies (shape optimization, materials design, biomechanical simulations, etc.).

3.     Theory4IT (Theory for Information Technology) – focusing on basic research, particularly on the development of new and non-traditional computing methods (knowledge mining, ant colony theory).

Department of Cybernetics – EU Centre of Excellence

The Department consists of two research laboratories – Gerstner Laboratory for Intelligent Decision Making and Control and Centre for Machine Perception – which belong to the Czech leading centres in computer vision and machine perception, data warehousing, industrial production system integration and production planning information systems.

The Department became the Centre of Excellence, i.e. the EC project MIRACLE (Machine Intelligence Research and Application Centre for Learning Excellence). Its objective is to develop the MIRACLE Centre towards an internationally recognized research body and working place at all levels of higher education in the area of artificial intelligence and computer vision by increased co-operation with key European Centres. Furthermore, the Centre’s aim is to support university-industry co-operation (e.g. consultancy and technology transfer) with the local SMEs and high-tech companies.


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