From the country that laid down the principal laws of heredity, introduced the contact lens to the world and successfully developed the compounds on which current anti-AIDS drugs are based, the Czech Republic is an attractive location for contract R&D and manufacturing.

Development of life-sciences sector is supported by effective patent protection, adoption of GMP, GLP and GCP standards, public support for R&D and relatively non-restrictive genetic-engineering policies. Examples of global companies conducting business, R&D and/or manufacturing in the Czech Republic include TEVA Pharmaceuticals, Lonza Biotec, Baxter International, Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, Sanofi Aventis, Beckman Coulter and Zentiva, among others.

Key Companies 2

Reasons to invest:

  • World-class academic and institutional framework with significant achievements in basic and applied research
  • Availability of university graduates and laboratory technicians at competitive cost
  • Close links between industry, universities and the public healthcare system
  • Established industrial R&D, manufacturing and supply chain
  • Regulatory and patent environment harmonious with the EU
  • Strong presence of large international pharmaceutical companies participating in research programmes
  • Significant cost advantages and potential to establish a gateway to growing markets of Central and Eastern Europe
  • Supportive business environment and incentives for both R&D and manufacturing


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