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More than anything else, the Czech electronics and electrical engineering sector is based on its long tradition and the extensive skills of its employees. The entire industry accounts for more than 14% of Czech manufacturing output, which makes it the second largest sector in the economy. Over 17,000 companies employ more than 180,000 workers in the sector here. Most of the sector’s output is exported, mainly to markets within the European Union.

Since the 1990s the Czech Republic has welcomed numerous investors in various sub-sectors of the electronics industry. The whole sector is growing, particularly due to the current economic boom and the presence of well-known manufacturers. Consumer electronics production is represented by, for example, Panasonic, the largest flat-panel television manufacturer in the Czech Republic. Another great example is electronics contract manufacturer Foxconn, which has two factories here. Bang & Olufsen made its first expansion outside Denmark when it set up its operation in the Czech Republic, which involves not only production of unique audio systems, but also an up a R&D facility.

Many electronics companies are also important suppliers to other branches of industry, in particular the automotive and engineering industries. The sharp development of the automotive sector in the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries has attracted a number of automotive electronics suppliers including Siemens, Bosch, Daikin, Tyco and Kostal. Lighting equipment for automobiles is manufactured in the Czech Republic by Hella Autotechnik, Varroc Lightning Systems and Automotive Lightning.

With respect to high-value-added products, it is very important to mention that every third electron microscope manufactured in 2014 originated in the Czech Republic. The Brno-based companies FEI, Tescan Orsay Holding and Delong Instruments are not only producers, but also conduct R&D activities with global impact. Other companies, such as ABB and ON Semiconductor, offer good examples of how local know-how in specific fields can be used in high-tech manufacturing and R&D activities as well.

The dynamic growth of the electronics industry and great references from investors prove the Czech Republic’s status as a renowned investment destination. The country’s long tradition in the electronics sector, together with its solid educational system and strategic location, has attracted numerous foreign companies in the electronics sector, which are evenly distributed across the entire country.


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Electronics & Electrical Engineering

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