Data Centres Power

The market is fully liberalised and generation and retail activities are fully unbundled from regulated grids. As of 2016 the RES levy is assessed per MW of reserved capacity instead of per MWh of consumption. Renewable generation is expected to exceed 14% by 2020 and 24% by 2040, mainly driven by hydro, PV and biogas. Interconnection capacity with neighbouring countries is extensive - 5 800MW export, 3 800MW import.

Competitive Prices of Energy

Transmission System

  • Reliable, available and competitively priced electricity supply
  • Fully self-sufficient production of electricity and export to neighbouring countries
  • The N-1 principle is fully implemented at the high voltage level of 110 kV and above, resulting in a resilient grid with negligible downtime
  • Increasing share of renewable sources of energy
  • Energy prices among the lowest in Europe
  • The price of power is linked to the German EEX power exchange and the structure of regulated fees and taxes is advantageous for big consumers
  • Supply of certified green energy
  • Electricity generated mainly by stable sources
  • The connection process to the electricity supply is transparent with respect to pricing, timing and responsibilities


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