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Confederation of the Czech Aviation Industry

The Confederation of the Czech Aviation Industry (CCAI) is a network of Czech aviation manufacturers and institutions involved in aerostructures, aero engines, MRO, avionics, systems and complete aircraft and integrated aircraft component design, development, production and testing. The CCAI consists of 20 aviation manufacturers and 6 associate members with over EUR 270 million in turnover, employing more than 3,280 aviation professionals. The CCAI develops and supports business cooperation between its members, strengthens the competitiveness of the Czech aviation industry and protects the interests of its members, while also supporting and promoting education for the aviation industry and prospective development and research projects.

Moravian Aerospace Cluster

The Moravian Aerospace Cluster represents a regional concentration of aviation-industry sectors, specialised suppliers, service providers, companies operating in related fields, educational and non-profit organisations and individuals. Moravian Aerospace Cluster is an independent association which brings together its members on the basis of common interest in field of research and development activities as well as production capabilities (airframe design, avionics, composite materials) in the Moravia region.

Unmanned Systems Manufacturers Association

The Unmanned Systems Manufacturers Association (AVBS) was established to promote industrial players involved in development, manufacturing and operation of unmanned aerial vehicles in the Czech Republic. The current member base consists of seven organisations including international companies such as Honeywell, as well as academia represented by the Institute of Aerospace Engineering at Brno University of Technology. The association's goals include supporting and exploiting unmanned-vehicle research and development as well as promotion and development of education. The AVBS is a member of the pan-European association UVS International.

Association of Aviation Manufacturers of the Czech Republic

The Association of Aviation Manufacturers has 35 members ranging from small specialised companies to major prime contractors, systems suppliers aircraft aggregate and component manufacturers. They cover the whole spectrum of skills from design, development and production of aerospace systems to maintenance and operation including marketing and sales. Their activities range from military and civil aircraft, aircraft engines and weapon systems
to space research, aircraft-system components and aggregate production, including the respective software. The Association of Aviation Manufacturers is a member of the ASD Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe and of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic.

The Czech Space Alliance

Established in 2006, the Czech Space Alliance (CSA) is an association of 14 small and medium-sized companies vying for business in space technologies, principally through the European Space Agency. It has established itself as the voice of the Czech space industry, both externally (to the ESA and other space agencies and industry associations worldwide) and internally. As such it contributes to "the National Space Plan" formulated for the government under the leadership of the Ministry of Transport, our de facto space agency.
The CSA wins the lion's share of Czech business within the ESA and has developed professional relationship with the large satellite integrators as well as with smaller companies abroad. It negotiates bi-lateral cooperation agreements with non-ESA countries, including Brazil, with which the Minister of Transport has already signed an agreement. Cooperation with Japan is well advanced. The technologies with which the CSA's members are successful include fi ne mechanics, space-qualifi ed electronic subsystems and passive components, development of advanced materials, ground segment and onboard software, electronics testing facilities, X-ray optics and engineering consultancy.


Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic

Václav Havel Prague International Airport

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