Research & development

Green mobility is a sector based on several technologies. Thanks to its advanced level of science and research in the automotive  industry, electrical engineering and the chemical industry, the Czech Republic is able to offer research and development solutions also in the area of green mobility.

University facilities involved in green mobility include, for example:

  • Centre of Vehicles for Sustainable Mobility, Czech Technical University in Prague – research and development focused on the performance of combustion engines (including alternative fuels), testing of electric and hybrid drive systems, analysis and optimisation of emissions, development and testing of transmission systems, vehicle testing, development of electronics and mechatronics for vehicles and simulation
  • Department of Electric Drives and Traction, Czech Technical University in Prague – electric drives
  • Department of Vehicles and Engines, Technical University of Liberec – alternative fuels (LPG, CNG, biofuels and fuel cells), combustion engines, CAD design, noise and emissions reduction, vehicle testing
  • NETME Centre, Brno University of Technology – properties of fuels and waste, emissions reduction, production of energy from biomass
  • Institute of Automotive and Transportation Engineering, Brno University of Technology – alternative drives, noise and emissions reduction, combustion engines, rapid prototyping and simulation
  • Škoda SuperbEL project, Brno University of Technology – joint project involving the conversion of a Škoda Superb passenger car into an electric vehicle (Brno University of Technology and EVC Group)
  • Energy Research Centre, Technical University of Ostrava – research and development in the areas of energy, the environment, efficiency and emissions control


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