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What has kept the aerospace sector on such a high level throughout its history is and always will be people. Roughly 10,000 employees work in the industry in the Czech Republic. Their skills and expertise are the core of the sector's success.
The Czech Republic and its traditionally strong technical education system accommodate such institutions that provide high-level education in key areas to make sure there are enough graduates in various aerospace related programmes to ensure enough available people with relevant knowledge for the very demanding labour market.

"A country'´s competitiveness depends on its people and Honeywell has found the talent it needs here - innovative, skilled and dedicated people. This is why we have made the Czech Republic a key research, development and manufacturing hub in central Europe."

Jiri Tomicek, VP and General Manager, Honeywell Technology Solutions Czech Republic

Today's aerospace industry is largely based on sharing knowledge and experience with partners on national and international levels. Unique research teams work within the industry and in academia. Public-private cooperation has been a key activity in the R&D area, thanks to which specialised university centers have become involved in high-value-added projects. Knowledge and innovation are among the most important factors in order to remain competitive on the global level and to be able to advance further. The Czech Republic is home to world class institutions that represent exactly that.

"The long and successful tradition of the aviation industry in the Czech Republic has formed an outstanding and experienced workforce with an intense passion for everything related to flying. This combined with capital, extensive industrial and engineering expertise, technology and the leadership of GE, is a great formula for growth. The certification in 2011 of the new H80 engine developed and built here, all under one roof in the Czech Republic, is perfect evidence of this."

Milan Šlapák , Turboprop Program Manager – GE Aviation, Regional Engines & Services


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