Strategic Infrastructure Projects

Strategic projects in the area of industrial properties are strategic industrial zones, i.e. zones covering a minimum of 200 hectares or at least 100 hectares when the zone is in a built-up but unused area. These zones are prepared for serious and important investors that undertake to implement significant investments and create a certain number of jobs.

Together with the system of investment incentives, the offer of prepared strategic industrial zones is an important instrument for gaining strategic investors from the area of advanced industrial technologies and investors involved in the construction and development of technology centres and centres of business support services, as well as for the creation of jobs in the fields of science and research.

The preparation of strategic industrial zones is always undertaken in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, CzechInvest, and representatives of regions and local authorities.

In the Czech Republic there are currently several strategic industrial zones that are not yet fully occupied: Kolín-Ovčáry, Most – Joseph, Žatec-Triangle, Mošnov and Holešov. The regeneration of the Škoda Plzeň site is also among the recently implemented strategic projects.

Examples of strategic projects


Covering 365 hectares, Triangle is the largest strategic industrial zone in the Czech Republic. This former military airbase, at which old and disused structures were demolished and ecological burdens removed, is currently coming back to life and contributing to the socio-economic development of the entire region.


Preparation of the Nošovice strategic industrial zone was the largest project tied to the interest of a strategic investor from the automotive industry, as it was prepared for an investment undertaken by the carmaker Hyundai. The size of this industrial zone is determined by the land-use plan and amounts to 260 hectares.


The Holešov strategic industrial zone  is being established on the site of a former public airport that is being decommissioned. Covering an area of 360 hectares, the zone offers excellent road and railway access and links to the D1 highway. The Progress Technology Park is located within the zone and  offers space for start-up companies with innovation potential.

Ostrava – Mošnov

This zone is situated 25 km south of the city centre and is very accessible by road, railway and air. The total area of the zone is 200 hectares, including 80 hectares available for investors interested in taking advantage of the long-term revitalisation process taking place in industry and manufacturing in the region. There is also a 30 ha commercial enterprise area in the immediate vicinity of the zone for small and medium-size enterprises.

Most – Joseph

This 196 ha zone is located eight kilometres southwest of the city of Most.  Land plots are available for purchase in sizes starting at 2 ha. The zone is adjacent to the first-class I/27 Most-Žatec-Plzeň arterial road. A motorway and expressway on the Slaný-Chemnitz (R7) and Lovosice-Dresden (D8) routes have been constructed in the area around Most, providing connections to the international motorway network.

Kolín – Ovčáry

This strategic industrial zone was completed in 2008. Covering an area of more than 370 ha, the zone is located 4 km north of Kolín and only 50 km from Prague and features excellent connections to the international transportation network. The main investor in the zone is the carmaker TPCA.  There are 115 hectares of fully prepared land available for investors.

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