As part of CzechInvest's activities, we also focus on brownfields, i.e. disused sites, as an investment opportunity.

Brownfield sites offer considerable potential for further development, and their regeneration has a positive social and economic impact on the given area, even though their preparation is time-consuming and financially demanding. In order for there to be a simplified process of brownfield regeneration, CzechInvest offers both public and private entities the opportunity to cooperate on the implementation of the National Brownfield Regeneration Strategy, the goal of which is to regenerate the maximum number of brownfields in the Czech Republic and to ensure the creation of an effective environment for these projects.

What brownfields mean to us

  • Brownfields as an economic resource, business activity, and opportunity that must be exploited.
  • Brownfields as historical landmarks and part of the country's national, cultural and architectural heritage, which should be conserved and maintained.

We understand the brownfield concept as properties (land, buildings, sites) that:

  • are not effectively used, are neglected and are possibly contaminated;
  • cannot be effectively used unless they undergo a process of regeneration;
  • arise as the remnants of industrial, agricultural, residential, military or other activities.

CzechInvest's services

  • We map and identify sites that are suitable for implementation of your projects in individual regions of the Czech Republic - Research Study for Locating Brownfields in the Czech Republic.
  • We are formulating the National Brownfield Regeneration Strategy of the Czech Republic in cooperation with other state administrative bodies.
  • We provide information on programmes for support of brownfield regeneration financed from the state budget (PPPNI) and from EU structural funds (Real Estate Programme).
  • We prepare and organise inspections of selected properties (road shows).
  • We participate in seminars and conferences on brownfield regeneration.
  • We organise the specialised international conference Brownfields Invest Czech (
  • And other services according to your needs and our capabilities.

Examples of projects implemented with the financial and project support of CzechInvest from the OPIE Real Estate Programme and the National Industrial Zone Support Programme:

  • regeneration of a former military airbase - Triangle Žatec (365 ha)
  • regeneration of an industrial site - Škoda Plzen (190 ha)
  • regeneration of a former sugar mill - Lovosice (11 ha)

Examples of projects supported within the Real Estate Programme - renovation of properties:

  • renovation of former agricultural property - DK Plast, Svitavy
  • renovation of former spinning mill - Kolora Semily/Beneš and Lát, a.s.
  • renovation of former foundry - Zambelli

These are only a few examples of implemented projects. The following are examples of projects implemented by the private sector:


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