The 1st Call for proposals of Training Centres was announced on 29 May 2015. Applications are submitted in two steps via theIS KP14+ internet application. The Applications stage I are received from 2 June 2015 until 31 August 2015 and the Applications stage II are received from 1 December 2015 until 7 March 2016.

Basic characteristics:

Who can apply (aid recipients)

  • The applicant is a small or medium-sized enterprise.

How much can be obtained for each project (form and amount of aid)

  • The subsidy shall be provided at the minimum amount of CZK 500 thousand and the maximum amount of CZK 5 million (according to the "de minimis" rule).
  • The maximum aid intensity is 50% of the eligible expenditure.
  • In the case of support for an infrastructure project for the education of employees and employers under cross-financing, the aid intensity must not exceed:
    • 50% of the eligible expenditure for small enterprises, max. CZK 100 thousand
    • 50% of the eligible expenditure for medium-sized enterprises, max. CZK 200 thousand

For what aid can be obtained (supported activities)

  1. Construction of new training centres.
  2. Reconstruction of existing training centres.
  3. Acquisition of equipment for training facilities furniture, IT equipment, practical teaching aids, etc.
  4. Acquisition of educational programmes.
  • Support for education of employees and employers of the respective enterprise is allowed within the supported projects to the extent of cross-financing.
  • The aid shall support projects with outputs affecting the sectors defined by CZ-NACE (see Annex 1, part A).

Which costs can be supported (eligible costs)

  • Tangible fixed assets – reconstruction, construction or removal of buildings, utilities, engineering activities, project documentation associated with construction modifications, hardware and networks, technical devices, other machinery and devices necessary for the provision of education.
  • Intangible fixed assets – educational programmes, software and data.
  • Low-value tangible and intangible assets.
  • Services of trainers (only in case of cross-financing).


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