Within this programme, companies can apply for subsidy for the construction, renovation, acquisition or equipment of training centres or training rooms.

The aim of the programme is to support entities that strive to create a quality background for education. However, there is the condition that majority of employees educated in training centres must be those of companies operating in fields precisely defined in the call for applications.

The call for proposals, the complete text of the programme, selection criteria, categories of supported SCEA, the list of products excluded from the programme based on Annex 1 of the European Treaty and other documents are available on websites www.mpo.cz too.
The complete version of these documents is available only in the Czech language.

Basic characteristics:

Who can apply

(aid recipients)

  • business entities regardless of size
  • associations of enterprises, enterprise groupings
  • territorial administrative units and confederations thereof
  • non-governmental non-profit organisations
  • educational institutions NACE 85.59 (outside the system of formal education)
How much can be obtained for each project
(form and amount of aid)
Which costs can be supported
(eligible costs)
  • purchase or modification of property
  • construction or renovation of buildings
  • technical and transport infrastructure
  • project documentation
  • training aids, machines and equipment for ensuring education
  • training programs, software
Sectors (NACE) in which companies can apply
  • manufacturing industry, energy, construction, activities connected with information and communications technologies
  • precise definition is given in the call for applications
Other project conditions
  • in the training centre, primarily employees of business entities operating in selected sectors will receive education
  • project must be implemented on the territory of the Czech Republic outside the territory of Prague

Separate implementation of educational activities will not be supported within the programme.

The process of submitting applications for support can be found in the Process of obtaining support section.

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Training centres - text of the programme

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Training centres Call I - summary

Summarizes conditions as well as types of support for the first call.

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