Real Estate – Call II. – extension

The objective of the Real Estate Programme is to encourage the creation and development of business properties including the related infrastructure and thus to contribute to the creation of a functioning real estate market and to the improvement of the investment climate and the environment of the Czech Republic. The programme is focused on the support of projects implemented in the primary stages of the property lifecycle, i.e. project preparation, construction, development and renovation of properties.

It is necessary to submit subsidy applications in two steps:

1) The registration application form, in relation to which will be assessed the applicant’s eligibility, including its economic situation with regard to the financial intensity of the project and, in the material aspect, the subject and eligibility of the project.

2) The full application form, which must be submitted within 4 months from the submission of the registration application form and which should contain all required elements and appendices for detailed assessment of the project and its recommendation for approval.

Basic characteristics:
Who can apply
  • Self-governing territorial units and associations thereof
  • Enterprises and enterpreneurs
How much can be provided for one project
(form and amount of financial support)
  • Subsidy
  • Percentage of project costs (eligible costs)
  • The maximum subsidy amount is:
  • 50% of eligible costs for small enterprises
  • 40% of eligible costs for medium-sized enterprises
  • 30% of eligible costs for large enterprises
  • 30% of eligible costs for territorial administrative units

·        The maximum aid amount is set at CZK 16 million for one project (or CZK 2 million in the case of a project involving the drafting of project documentation)

·        The aid recipient can submit only one aid application within this Call.

What the subsides can be obtained for
(supported activities)
  • Industrial zone (min. 2 ha): zone preparation – construction of a new site or improvement of the quality and development of an existing industrial zone
  • Business facility (min. 500 m² of floor space after project implementation): renovation of a new facility for business purposes.
  • Construction of a business facility: construction of a new facility for rent. This type of subsidy is provided only for territorial administrative units
  • Project documentation development: development of project documentation – individual subsidy title focused on the creation of documentation for the a project of construction, renovation or regeneration of a business property
Which costs are eligible
  • Project documentation development (can constitute an individual project)
  • Preparation of land (rough land preparation, bypasses, demolition, etc.)
  • Construction and renovation of business properties
  • Demolition of disused buildings
  • Technical and transportation infrastructure
Specifications and restrictions
  • Subject property must be under the ownership of the subsidy recipient
  • Size of subject area min. 2ha, or 500 m² of floor space
  • Compliance with the land-use plan
  • The user of the property must operate in the field of manufacturing, technology centres or business support services.  
  • Required annex of Registration Application is a construction permit that is in force.

Further information about the terms and amount of the subsidy, terms of acceptance of application forms and other specifications are set forth in the Call. The second Call - extension was published on 28 March 2012, the application forms were being accepted from 11 June 2012 to 31 July 2012 (see the attachments).

The procedure for submitting the application form is described in the section Process of Obtaining Financial Support.

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Real Estate – Call II. – extension

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