Prospective Employees

Doing business is not only about purchasing assets and machines; people are the primary impetus behind a company’s growth and development. If an enterprise lacks professionally qualified and motivated employees, sooner or later it will fail in the face of stiff competition, regardless of how high-quality the technology part may be or how much money goes into marketing and equipment. However, costs associated with quality management and development of employees are still too high for many companies. Therefore CzechInvest offers grant titles (programmes) that help companies cover these costs.

Do you need to create a new system of personnel management or improve the existing one in your firm? If so, you can use the National Human Resources Development Standard Project.

If you do not have the space and equipment for training employees, our Training Centres programme is here for you.

The Educa grant scheme is intended to help you ensure your employees’ professional growth through quality training.

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