Potential – Call III – extension

The Potential Programme helps companies to set up and increase capacities necessary for the implementation of research, development and innovation activities.

It is possible to obtain support for investments in the establishment or expansion of development centre (departments) aimed at research, development and innovation of products and technologies, including specific software and applications that form a part thereof (software that is component part of the products or technologies). Such a centre should contribute to the introduction (implementation) of technologically new or innovative products, product lines, production processes and technologies. However, there must be the real expectation that the results of the centre's work will actually be used in production.

Basic characteristics:

Who can apply (beneficiary)
  • Enterprise of any size
  • Supported forms of legal entity are specified in the Call
How much can be obtained for one project
(form and amount of aid)

Subsidy for eligible costs in the amount of CZK 1 to 50 million.

In regions with concentrated state aid and in regions with a higher rate of unemployment, which are defined in accordance with the methodology for selecting regions with higher unemployment, the subsidy is provided in the amount of CZK 1 –100 million.

  •  A subsidy for investment eligible costs and costs for mandatory project publicity is provided in maximum amount set by the Regional Map of State Aid Intensity for the period 1. 1. 2007 – 31. 12. 2013.
  • A subsidy for the non-investment costs is provided in maximum amount set by the Regional Map of State Aid Intensity for the period 1. 1. 2007 – 31. 12. 2013, up to the amount pursuant to the de minimis rule, i.e. maximally up to the amount of EUR 200 000 (only for small and medium-sized enterprise).

If the applicant proves its participation in a project within the ERA-NET/EraSME network, another EUR 300 000 may be used to cover expenses of international research and development projects pursuant to Article 31 of Commission Regulation (EC) No. 800/2008.

Support provided pursuant to Commission Regulation (EC) No 800/2008 and de minimis support for the same project are added when calculating the support rate according to the Regional Map and may not exceed the above percentage values.

For what aid can be obtained
(supported activities)
  • Establishment or expansion of a development centre (department) focused on research, development and innovation of products or technologies if there is an expectation of their use in production.
  • Support shall be channelled to projects whose results will appear in manufacturing industry (C 10, 13-33; E 38.32; J 62, M 71.2, S 95.1 CZ-NACE).
What costs can be supported
(eligible costs)


Long-term tangible assets:

  • acquisition of machinery and other equipment (must form together with long term intangible assets at least 50% of eligible investment costs);
  • buildings (up to the amount of 40% of eligible investment costs);
  • land (up to the amount of 10% of eligible investment costs)

Long-term intangible assets:

  • Purchase of intellectual-property rights and software(for large enterprises up to the amount of 50% of eligible investment costs.).

2.      SELECTED OPERATING COSTS – de minimis aid, only for small and medium sized enterprises (governed by the regional map valid for the period 2007-2013)

  • Services of experts and consultants, expert studies
  • Travel costs (can be claimed within ERA-NET/EraSME), wages, insurance during the period of project implementation.
  • Materials for construction of a prototype

3. COSTS FOR MANDATORY PROJECT PUBLICITY – only for mandatory publicity defined in the Publicity Rules

Eligible costs are precisely defined in the annex of the given Call.

Specifics and restrictions
  • The minimum amount of investment in long-term assets used for the purposes of ensuring the activities of the project shall amount to CZK 5 million in the case of small and medium-sized enterprises and CZK 10 million in the case of large enterprises.
  • Only assets used for supported activities can be included in eligible costs (also respective part of the acquisition price can be included).
  • Each applicant is authorised to submit only one project (i.e. one approved Registration Application) for one region. This condition shall be applied also for related parties.
  • Only projects implemented in the Czech Republic, outside the Capital City Prague can be supported.
System of application collection
  • Continual (applications are evaluated continuously)

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