Basic characteristics:

Who can apply (aid recipients)

  • Beneficiaries will be drawn from entrepreneurs including those in agriculture (as defined by Act No. 252/1997 Coll., on Agriculture) and entrepreneurs involved in food processing who focus on production of goods outside the list contained in Annex I to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) who submit a project for activities in R&D and innovations spheres.

How much can be obtained for each project (form and amount of aid)

  • Aid will not exceed 50 % of total eligible costs regardless of the size of the applicant’s enterprise or location where the project will be implemented.
  • Aid for one project will range between 2 million CZK minimum and 75 mil CZK maximum / 150 million CZK in economically struggling regions and in territories suffering from high unemployment rates.

For what aid can be obtained(supported activities)

  • Establishment or extension of industrial research, development and innovation centres, including acquisition of land or buildings, machinery/equipment and other equipment necessary for these centres to commence their activities.
  • In case of SMEs (small and mid-sized enterprises) the aid will also cover certain selected operational expenses of such centres.


Which costs can be supported(eligible costs)

  • Cost of tangible fixed assets (acquisition of land, building, machinery and other equipment necessary for the R&D centre) that will be used for the purposes of / in research and development and not exceeding the above defined respective limits for land, buildings and other tangible assets.
  • Costs associated with acquisition of buildings, machinery or other equipment will be eligible under the condition that these will be deductible assets; in case assets will be acquired, which would fall into the category of other required tangible fixed assets, the entities which are not classified as SMEs will need to acquire only new assets (which had not been previously deducted).
  • Costs associated with selected operating expenses (of non-investment nature) such as personnel costs, consultants’ services, experts and studies, will be eligible only for SMEs.
  • Costs associated with mandatory publicity will be eligible only when fulfilling the objectives of such mandatory publicity as defined by the programme administrator in respective rules.

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