New Technologies

Programmes in the area of technology in enterprises are focused primarily on support for the creation of a suitable environment for the development of existing firms. Thanks to this support, small and medium-sized enterprises can more rapidly enhance their technological equipment by purchasing modern technologies, including information and communications technologies.

Development and improvement of small and medium-sized enterprises’ competitiveness is ensured by the Development Programme, which promotes the solution of basic problems experienced by small and medium-sized enterprises in selected regions. Such problems include insufficient production capacity, obsolete technologies, etc. Subsidies within this programme make it possible to obtain financial resources for the purchase of new production technologies.

The ICT in Enterprises Programme also helps small and medium-sized enterprises to acquire new technologies, but in the area of information and communications technologies. Through the use of modern information systems, companies can improve, for example, their internal processes (production management, order management, company resources management, etc.) and external relations (with customers, suppliers, the public administration, etc.).

Companies, which thanks to these programmes have increased their efficiency and want to introduce new products, services or processes, can apply for support within the Innovation Programme. As in the Development Programme, applicants can draw aid from the Innovation Programme for production capacities. Within Innovation, the applicant must demonstrate that production capacities serve for a new, innovative or substantially improved product (good or service) or process.

The ICT and Business Support Services Programme offers a different approach. This programme is focused on development of the information and knowledge society. Its goal is to support the competitiveness and growth of the ICT sector in the Czech Republic, the supply of new ICT solutions, new software products and services. Subsidies will be directed to firms that develop and provide new software products and solutions or perform design and implementation of new software applications.

Unlike the ICT in Enterprises Programme, support from the ICT and Business Support Services Programme is provided to suppliers (thus firms that provide software products, not to those that purchase ICT solutions). Another difference lies in the fact that the ICT and Business Support Services Programme allows for support not only to enterprises classified as small or medium-sized, but also to large companies.

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