Innovation – Innovation projects

Does your company come up with new ideas and introduce innovative products, technologies or services into production and subsequently to the market? Are you considering the improvement of the manufacturing processes? If so, the „Innovation – Innovation projects“ programme is intended for you.

The Innovation – Innovation projects programme – in the case of projects utilising new, original solutions, the programme enables Czech companies to acquire the modern machinery, equipment, know-how and licences necessary for their implementation. In the period 2004-2006 a similar programme supported more than 100 companies and this contributed to their long-term growth. A range of successful applicants have asserted themselves with new products on the European and global markets and are successfully continuing to develop.

29.10.2013 was announced The 4th Call for proposals of Innovation programme – Innovation projekt – III. continuation. Beneficiaries of the subsidy in this Call are SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and large enterprises. Applications for Innovation project are submitted in two steps (Application for Registration and Full Application) via the eAccount internet application. The Registrations Applications are received from 11. 11. 2013 untill 22. 11. 2013 and the Full Applications are received from 11. 11. 2013 until 31. 1. 2014. Planned allocation for this Call amount is CZK 2,500 million.


Who can apply (aid recipients)

  • Firms operating in the manufacturing industry in particular
  • Project must be realized in the Czech republic, outside of Prague
  • The entrepreneur with at least two completed consecutive tax periods

How much can be obtained for each project (form and amount of aid)

  • Subsidy in the amount of CZK 1 – 50 million for activities a), b)
  • Subsidy in the amount of CZK 1 – 75 million for activities a), b), for regions with concentrated state support (more information in The Call for proposals)
  • Percentage amount of subsidy for small and medium – sized enterprises is 50%, for large enterprises is 40%
  • In the Southwest region  - Percentage amount of subsidy for  small - sized enterprises is 50%, for medium – sized enterprises is 40% and for large enterprises is 30%

For what aid can be obtained (supported activities)

  • a) product innovation – improvement of technical and use values of products, technologies and services
  • b) process innovation – improvement of production processes and provision of services

Which costs can be supported (eligible costs)

  • long-term tangible assets
  • long-term intangible assets
  • operational costs (only for SMEs)
  • costs of project publicity

The eligible costs will be precisely defined in individual calls.

Practical information

  • projects must use results of research and development, projects involving simple modification of production equipment without a demonstrated connection to the development phase of the innovation process will not be supported
  • research and development cannot be supported from the programme, development must already be completed at the time of submission of the application and this fact documented

Only Czech documents are valid, English versions are intended for information for possible applicants from abroad. Entire communication takes place only in Czech language. All other enclosures are available only in Czech language.

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The fourth Call for proposals – Innovation Projects – III. continuation

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Annex No 1 – The Definition of Eligible Costs

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Annex No 2 – Selection Criteria

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