The 1st Call for proposals of Infrastructure Services Programme was announced on 15 December 2016. Applications are submitted via the IS KP14+ internet application. Applications are received from 4 June 2016 until 4 May 2016.

Basic characteristics

Who can apply (aid recipients)

  • A legal entity that will act as the owner/operator of the innovation infrastructure (science and technology park, innovation centre or business incubator), maintain analytical accounting records in relation to the project’s eligible expenditures as required for carrying out audits and inspections and in line with the conditions of the programme, and whose articles of association explicitly state that it has been established in order to promote the intensity, quality and speed of innovation dissemination and technology transfer into business practice in the given region, with an emphasis on high-tech technologies.
  • A Municipality.
  • A University.

How much can be obtained for each project (form and amount of aid)

  • Subsidy for a project is provided in an amount of:
  1. CZK 1–30 million in the case of projects that do not include construction work.
  2. CZK 5–300 million in the case of projects that include construction work.
  • Aid intensity:
  • 50% of documented eligible expenditures.
  • 75% of documented eligible expenditures pursuant to the Framework outside the public aid scheme for beneficiaries that meet the conditions of items 19 and 20 of Communication from the Commission – Framework for State aid for research and development and innovation (2014/C 198/01).

For what aid can be obtained(supported activities)

  • Activity b)Operating innovation infrastructure – only under the de minimis scheme.
  • Activity c)Extending innovation infrastructure facilities, acquiring new equipment and improving the capacity for the joint use of technologies.
  • Activity d)Building new shared innovation infrastructure in the region, where a lack of appropriate research and innovation infrastructure for business entities has been demonstrated.

Which costs can be supported(eligible costs)

  • Expenditures on the acquisition of tangible fixed assets, e.g. the purchase of land, buildings, machinery and other equipment required to equip the innovation infrastructure, provided that these are depreciable assets (excluding land).
  • Expenditures on the acquisition of intangible assets (acquisition of patents, licenses and know-how not exceeding the customary and usual price as assessed by an expert, where the assessment must not be older than 3 months as of the date of the acquisition of the assets; software etc.).
  • Costs for the acquisition of fixed intangible assets up to the amount of 50% of the project’s total eligible expenditures.
  • Operating costs including, without limitation, services of consultants and experts, studies, seminars, workshops, promotional materials and activities, network non-storable supplies etc. The costs for the project’s mandatory publicity are eligible only if they meet the characteristics of mandatory publicity as specified in the rules defined by the aid provider.

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