If a lack of space for training employees, research and development, or for production is hindering the growth of your business, it is recommended that you become familiar with the specific programmes offering support for building missing infrastructure:


The Training Centres programmecan be used by entrepreneurs who are training or want to train their employees but do not have the appropriate space and aids for this purpose. Grants can be used for the construction, renovation, acquisition and equipment of training centres or training rooms.

The Potential programme is focused on support for the establishment and development of internal research and development departments. Grants are intended to assist the building of capacities for research, development and innovation of products, including the specific software and applications that are components thereof. The programme enables firms to acquire land, buildings and equipment serving for the purposes of research and development, thus laboratories, testing equipment, etc. However, applicants must demonstrate that the prerequisites exist for incorporating the results of research and development into production.

The Prosperity programme is focused on building suitable infrastructure through the construction, renovation and operation of science and technology parks and business incubators. Both of these types of entities serve for the establishment of firms that can utilize the technical background comprised of office technology, meeting and conference spaces, laboratories, workshops and other specialised spaces according to the focus of the science and technology park or business incubator.

The Real estate programme is intended for business entities and municipalities which within this programme can implement a range of various types of projects focused on construction, development and regeneration of properties intended for the manufacturing industry, business support services and technology centres, as well as for entities in the area of research and development. The types of projects can be differentiated as follows: zone preparation, zone regeneration, construction of rental facilities (support in the form of subsidies for unrealized rent), reconstruction of facilities, and development of project documentation (for the mentioned projects).

Support for development of the market of properties intended for business is provided by CzechInvest through the possibility to include business zones and rental facilities (halls) in the database of business properties, which serve for the supply of suitable locations for both domestic and foreign investors.

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