The incubation of firms is another possibility for supporting the establishment and development of innovative businesses, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises. It is an important factor in the development of the business environment – innovation networks among universities, research institutes and independent enterprises.

In order for a new firm to be able to enter and, especially, maintain its position on the market, it needs more than just a good idea with market potential. Such a firm must obtain quality facilities and background for conducting business, as well as support in the areas of marketing, consulting, accounting, taxes, etc. and the financial resources to support its innovative ideas. All of these aspects are provided to the given firm by a business incubator, which focuses on supporting innovative start-up companies whose main goal is to develop new products, technologies and services, and subsequently introduce them to the market.

Support is provided to new firms mostly in the form of favourable rental of office, laboratory, production and other spaces and preferentially priced consulting services, training, retraining and other services. Another advantage offered by a business incubator is the possibility to share spaces, laboratories and complete facilities, which improves cooperation and communication with other firms within the incubator. A lease agreement is usually concluded for a period of three years, i.e. the most critical period for newly established firms. Afterwards a firm moves to its own premises or to a science and technology park.

Existing incubators in the Czech Republic:

(An incubator can be an independent entity or it can also be part of a science and technology park.)

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