Are your intra-company systems (payroll, accounting, storage, etc.) obsolete and you need to make the entire internal operation of your company more efficient? Do you have a problem with the effectiveness of relationships with customers, suppliers and the public administration? Do you think that in future you would like to use modern information systems in your company?

If the answer to these questions is yes, the ICT in Companies programme is here for you. This programme makes it possible to obtain resources through grants for expansion or introduction of information and communications technologies (hardware, software) in small and medium-sized enterprises. Grants can help you to make the internal operation or external relations of your company more efficient.

Other aspects of the programme, its conditions and supported activities can be found in the text of the programme and it’s call.

Basic characteristics:

Who can apply

(aid recipients)

How much can be obtained for each project
(form and amount of aid)
For what aid can be obtained
(supported activities)
  • introduction and expansion of information systems for increasing the internal efficiency of companies
  • introduction and expansion of information systems in the development of new products and technologies or improvement of existing products and technologies
  • introduction and expansion of information systems for increasing the efficiency of supplier-customer relationships
  • development and improvement of technical infrastructure and basic software
  • introduction and expansion of outsourcing of information systems or their part in companies
  • introduction of information systems in small enterprises with a low or zero degree of development of information systems (not current for 2007)
Which costs can be supported
(eligible costs)
  • hardware, software + other machines and equipment that can be designated as part of IS/ICT, but accounting terminology does not fall under hardware or software
  • consulting, training, studies, patents, know-how and licenses associated with the project
  • in the case of outsourcing, non-investment costs according to the de minimis rule = case studies, audit, lease of services and assets
  • costs of publicity related to the project

Attached files

Description Type Size Date

ICT in enterprises - text of the programme

110.09 kB 17 Apr. 2007

ICT in Companies – Call III – extension – summary

Summarizes conditions as well as types of support for the second call.

93.18 kB 19 Jun. 2012

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