The Programme’s priority focus is on all types of energy savings and on the use of renewable resources, and it is also intended to support the production of briquettes and pellets. Examples of projects: refurbishing a hydro power plant, construction of a biogas station, replacement of a heating system, external insulation of buildings (except homes and blocks of flats) etc.

Basic characteristics:
Programme description
  • utilisation of renewable and secondary energy sources
  • increasing efficiency during the production, transfer and consumption of energy
Who can apply for subsidy
  • small and medium-sized enterprises – for activities a), b)
  • large enterprises – for activity b)
How much can be obtained  for a project
  • grant ranging from CZK 500 thousand to CZK 100 million 
  • grant depending on project type, ranging between 30% and  60% (to be specified in detail in the Call)
Eligible expenses
  • purchase of land (up to 10% of total eligible expenses)
  • modification of land
  • utility network and roads
  • project design documentation
  • engineering work under construction
  • renovation/modernisation (technical improvement) of structures
  • new construction
  • purchase of structures
  • hardware and networks (e.g., an expert opinion)
  • machinery and equipment, including control software which has not been subject to depreciation


Attached files

Description Type Size Date

Eco-energy - text of the programme

131.07 kB 19 Apr. 2007

Eco-energy - Call II

340.1 kB 10 Feb. 2009

Eco-energy Call II - summary

Summarizes conditions as well as types of support for the second call.

95.9 kB 10 Jul. 2009

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