Consultancy in the new programming period 2007-2013 allows small and medium-sized enterprises to improve internal processes and to achieve higher-quality results.

With our programmes, small and medium-sized enterprises have the opportunity to receive preferential, tailored consulting services and can freely choose from a range of quality, approved consultants. In addition, they can anonymously compare themselves with companies around the world and can become the first choice for investors on the local markets. Such firms will also follow economic and technological trends, and have access to the dense local information and advisory infrastructure.

We endeavour to provide the below-mentioned services either free of charge or under very favourable financial conditions.

Free access to the database of trained and approved consultants – the Czech Registry of Consultants – guarantees a quality selection of consulting services and thus real assistance. It is possible to sort consultants and their services by their specialisation and the regions in which they operate.

The Competitiveness programme allows for the payment of half the costs for consulting services up to the maximum amount of CZK 10,500 per day with the concurrent selection of consultants from the National Registry of Consultants.

The Czech Benchmarking Index is a diagnostic tool that enables an anonymous comparison of your company with the corresponding information of firms from around the world by the help of the competent benchmarking consultant. The index reveals the strengths and weaknesses of companies. Benchmarking is not time-consuming and the results are objective.

The Supplier Development programme supports those activities that are directly oriented toward greater visibility of Czech suppliers and bringing them to a higher level. The aim of this support is to promote such suppliers in relation to investors on the local market and investors that are looking for partners in the Czech Republic. 

Through the Regional Information and Consultancy Infrastructure we will ensure a free of charge information service and favourably priced consulting services for interested parties. Information service centres will be established at least in each district. This will inform operators of small and medium-sized enterprises about possible support, education and products of various funds. Consulting services will be provided not only to existing small and medium-sized enterprises, but also to beginning entrepreneurs and parties interested in conducting business.

Are you interested in the direction of global economic and technological development in comparison with the Czech Republic? Are you determined to gain an advantage over the competition? Do you intend to fill gaps in the market, but you do not want to take your view of the future from a crystal ball? Then monitor Trends with us. The aim of this programme is to assist with the removal of barriers preventing the transfer of information that is important for business. The Trends programme will facilitate the access of ministries, implementation agencies, universities and research institutes to information needed for qualified forecasting of future development and for decision-making in the area of innovation activities. Announcement of this programme for the corporate level is expected in the second half of 2008.

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