Alternative forms of financing

  • Is your firm in the beginning or growth phase of business?
  • Do you have an interesting project, but you haven’t received any subsidies from structural funds?
  • Are you looking for more information of other possibilities of financing for your project?

If you have answered YES to the above, then you can take advantage of new financial instruments and services.

alternative forms of financing

What are the possible sources of financing for your project?

Among the most common methods is debt financing, which includes bank loans//credits, leasing and factoring. Another possibility is micro-financing, which concerns an offer from specialised institutions in the form of advantageous small loans and guarantees. A less well-known alternative for entrepreneurs is financing through venture capital or business angel investments constituting the investor’s capital entry into the enterprise.

Where can I learn more?

Since 2005, CzechInvest has organised Financial Forums for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises with the aim of showing participants various alternative paths to financing. The Investment Forum for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises will build on the success of the Financial Forums, offering selected enterprises the opportunity to present their business projects to investors in attendance, who will assess these projects and can offer possible methods for their financing. Furthermore, entrepreneurs can participate in specialised seminars and study publications concerning these issues.

Another part of CzechInvest’s activities is comprised of Banking Roundtables involving meetings with representatives of financial institutions, investors and other entities that have an influence on the offer of financing for entrepreneurs.

Utilise the services of business incubators

Business incubators can provide assistance for the establishment and development of enterprises. Such incubators do not provide financial resources directly. Rather, they create the necessary background for establishing start-up firms with good ideas.



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